U-Haul Truck Rentals

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Rent a U-Haul with Outbox Self Storage

Rent a moving truck at one of our self storage facilities.

Whether you’re storing your treasured belongings, moving to a new place, or moving to or from an Outbox Self Storage location, we’ll assist you in renting a U-Haul truck. 

U-Haul offers more safety features than any other truck in the industry, including gentle ride suspension and high visibility mirrors to assist the driver. 

U-Haul is unique to the industry because they work with manufacturers to design a truck specifically for household or small business moving. 

These trucks are designed with a host of special options that make them easy to load, comfortable to drive, and fuel-efficient.

U-Haul Advantages

See why U-Haul is your best truck rental option around! Then, find your U-Haul from Outbox Self Storage.

50% easier to load; low deck; and wide, stable EZ Load Ramp

Our trucks make loading your heavy boxes and furniture easier because they are designed to get the loading deck as close to the ground as possible. All trucks fifteen feet and larger have a wide, sturdy loading ramp to make loading and unloading heavy, cumbersome items as painless as possible.

Quiet, easy riding, pickup-styled cab, independent seating for three, individual comfort for driver and passenger

Patented high-visibility mirrors and large cabs keep your well-being and comfort in mind. Trucks fifteen feet and larger, plus the pickup, have seat belts for three. Cargo vans and ten-foot trucks have comfortable bucket seats with seat belts for two.

Gentle ride suspension, aerodynamic styling, and built to move household furniture

Our moving trucks have rub rails on all three walls of the box, allowing you to tie your furniture in to prevent shifting and damage. Extra storage space above the cab is perfect for your fragile items.

Cheaper, cleaner, and more convenient unleaded fuel

All trucks use unleaded fuel, which is three times more convenient than diesel and better for the environment.  Enhanced aerodynamics and a low-profile design improve fuel efficiency.

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